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Find a Therapist according to location and EFT training level indicators.
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About EFT

EFT is a structured approach to couples therapy formulated in the early 80’s by Drs. Sue Johnson and Les Greenberg.
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Learning EFT

Everything you need to know to help you further in learning the EFT model.
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The following practitioners are certified to offer supervision. Contact them for more information:

EFT Supervisor: 

Prof Elmien Lesch (

EFT Supervisors-in-training

Dr. Eduard-John Bosman (

Robin Scott (

Cornelia Swart (



Supervision is available via the internet, over the phone, or in person.

Online appointments require that you have a computer and that you be on the internet at the time of our appointment.

Here are suggestions for a better online connection when you are calling in from South Africa:

  • Telkom
  • ADSL Line
  • Limited
  • 10mg

They can go on the Telkom website and look at the different options. Marina and I chose the option above after much trial and error and it works well for SA.

Get a video to your supervisor via the internet

Download Skype and chose a skype contact name. Email me your contact name.
Download Handbreak if you need to convert the format from one format to another

Get a video to your supervisor via the mail

Send a DVD or a thumb drive via registered mail

For your supervision session via the internet

Download Skype and chose a skype contact name. Email me your contact name.

The purpose of skype is we will be calling each other through the internet and so no telephone will be used during our call, nor a phone bill. Register for a skype account, chose a skype name and let me know what your skype name is.

Make sure your skype program is open, so that when I call you, you will hear a ringing and you will ‘answer’ the call. Click the video camera on the bottom corner so that I can see you (if your computer has a camera) and you will be able to see me.

Then as we discuss your case, I may refer to your video. I will be able to share my screen with you, so that you can view the same clip that I am watching and we will able to stop and start the video and discuss various things.

For your supervision session via the phone:

Provide your supervisor with your landline and mobile number.

Good luck with all this!

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