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About EFT

EFT is a structured approach to couples therapy formulated in the early 80’s by Drs. Sue Johnson and Les Greenberg.
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Everything you need to know to help you further in learning the EFT model.
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Core Skills 2014

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CORE SKILLS 1: EFT Steps Rhyme, thanks to the creative genius of Julie Wells!


The first step of EFT is create an alliance and assess

The second step of EFT is identify the cycle of negativity

The third step of EFT is to access primary emotion that we never see

The fourth step of EFT is reframe the cycle as the enemy

The fifth step of EFT is to get in touch with your disowned parts, and share them with your partner from your heart

The sixth step of EFT is to respond with acceptance to vulnerability

The seventh step of EFT is to turn and reach with attachment needs

The eighth step of EFT is to revisit rocky moments successfully

The ninth step of EFT is consolidate new cycles of positivity

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