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EFT is a structured approach to couples therapy formulated in the early 80’s by Drs. Sue Johnson and Les Greenberg.
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Learning EFT Effectively in 2018

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To the South African Community-

After 5 years of seeding EFT in South Africa, it feels like we finally have a core group of EFTers who are doing good EFT and becoming a community of clinicians who can support one another. I am excited to lead you all again into 2018, and to help you to grow your skills.

EFT Training: Externship, Advanced Externship and 1 day on EFT Injuries and Affairs

This year, we will be providing EFT Training. The dates of the training will be available in the next month, but it looks to be happening in November 2018, in Durban. We will be bringing out an International EFT Trainer to provide these trainings, and will announce who it is, as soon as possible. I will not be traveling to South Africa this year.

EFT Certification

Many of you are asking about pursuing certification. There are two ways of doing this, and this diagram explains it best:

Core skills won’t be available again for a couple years in SA, and so you will need to pursue the Advanced Supervision track. This training will be available in November. In the meantime, please collect your group supervision and individual supervision hours. Collect your group supervision hours by attending our monthly supervision group. Collect your individual supervision hours in two different ways:

1.     Present a video during group supervision

2.     Find an individual EFT Supervisor to work with you

I provide EFT Supervision for R800 an hour, and Elmien and Colleen Anderson in South Africa also provide supervision. We also have a list of EFT Supervisors/in training from around the world who have offered to provide supervision for $50 an hour, to any South African pursuing EFT. Please contact us for that list.

Member of EFT South Africa Community and Iceeft

Please consider becoming a member of our community. It costs R800 for the year, and you can only sign up in January for the year. It’s an annual membership fee, and when you pay this, you get:

*Attendance to our monthly online supervision group

*Membership to Iceeft

*Daily online digest/listserve

*Iceeft newsletter

To sign up for membership, please contact us through the EFT SA website before January 15, 2018 or email:

EFT Online Supervision Group:

This group takes place monthly on a Monday evening your time.  Our next meeting is on January 15th, at 8pm your time. Then again on February 12th at 8pm your time.

As a member of EFT SA, you will receive an email with a zoom link, and can join the meeting room by clicking on this link.

EFT Marketing Group:

We have a couple volunteers from EFT SA, who are meeting with Kathryn, Elmien and Colleen monthly, to talk about ways to promote EFT in SA. We are very excited to have this larger group getting together. Our hope it to eventually create a South Africa community and board that runs all the future EFT training.

EFT Cape Town; EFT Gauteng; EFT Kwa-Zulu Natal

We have representatives now in each of these areas, and they are going to be promoting EFT during 2018. We are trying to provide multiple smaller events, that will seed our Externship in November. We have the largest group in Durban, which is why the EFT Training will take place there this year, but each of the provinces will work towards getting that Externship filled. If the Externship is filled (hoping for 40 participants), then we will have enough people who will sign up for a Core Skills group/an Advanced Supervision Training, and we will be able to provide more training opportunities in the future.

Please let me know how you are doing, and if there is anything we can do to better support you. We have an EFT Facebook group: and we also have an EFT Whatsapp group. Please join these groups so that you are up to date with events, and so that we can all support each other as best possible.

Let’s have a wonderful year!

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